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Who I am

I studied at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, from which I graduated in 2007. During the course of my studies, I spent a year studying at the Turku Law School in Finland with a focus on international law, human rights and legal comparative science.

I have been active in advocacy since 2007 and during the course of my work I have acquired a wide range of experience from leading Czech and international law offices.

I have worked as an independent attorney-at-law since 2014. I provide legal services to natural persons, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies. My clients include domestic and international subjects. If required, I will be happy to send references for the legal services which I have provided.

I provide legal services in Czech, Slovak, English and German.

What I do

I provide legal services in the Czech and Slovak Republics. I mainly focus on private law, in particular concerning civil, commercial and real estate law, and family law. In addition to the aforementioned areas, I also work on cases involving compensation for damages, the recovery of receivables and insolvency proceedings and I participate in legal audit projects involving both corporations and real estate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If necessary I also work closely with specialists in criminal law, immigration law, taxation and accountancy, but also with renowned experts on the sale and rental of real estate.

When working, I place an emphasis not only on a high level of quality and expertise, but also on confidentiality, a human approach and friendly and fair conduct. I always opt for solutions which are not only the best for the client from a legal point of view, but are also the most effective from the point of view of costs. I also proceed in the same manner when invoicing legal services, where the client always knows in advance what the final price for the legal services will be.

The legal areas where I provide legal services

The remuneration for the legal services is set by means of an agreement between the parties as a contractual or non-contractual remuneration, the amount of which is set on the basis of the attorney’s tariff

In the great majority of cases, the remuneration for legal services is charged as a contractual remuneration and it depends on the complexity and time demands of the given case.
The basic division of the contractual remuneration is as follows:
The hourly contractual remuneration: paid according to the number of hours of the provided legal services.
The flat contractual remuneration: the amount of the attorney’s remuneration designated as a fixed amount for the realisation of a certain legal act or for the comprehensive handling of a matter or a discounted fixed amount for a specific time period (usually for one month)

The standard hourly rate charged to clients is 2000 CZK excluding VAT. If an agreement is reached, the hourly rate may be set at a lower amount in selected cases or in the case of long-term cooperation

Information for consumers

I would hereby like to inform you that the Czech Bar Association ( has been charged with undertaking the out-of-court settlement of any consumer disputes between attorneys-at-law and consumers (in accordance with the sense of Consumer Protection Act no. 634/1992 Coll., as amended) arising from contracts on the provision of legal services and that it is therefore the materially appropriate entity for the out-of-court resolution of any such disputes

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