What are we doing

We cooperate with a wide range of domestic and international clients. Our clientele not only includes natural persons, small businesses and start-ups, but often also large international companies. We do not differentiate between small and large cases and we believe that a satisfied client will always return whenever necessary and will recommend us to others. We provide legal services in Czech, Slovak, English and German.

We provide legal services in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Efficiency and friendly approach

We mainly focus on civil, business, criminal and real estate law. We can represent you in cases involving compensation, the recovery receivables or insolvency proceedings. We perform due diligence for corporations and real estate in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. If necessary, we work closely with experts in immigration, tax and accounting law, but also with renowned specialists in the sale and rental of real estate.

The price for my services

In most cases, I charge a contractual fee for any legal services and this fee is based on the complexity and time demands of the given case.

The contractual hourly rate: this is paid according to the number of hours of provided legal service. The standard hourly rate charged to clients is 80 EUR excluding VAT.
Clients may receive a discount during long-term cooperation or in selected cases.

Contractual lump-sum remuneration: the amount of the lawyer’s remuneration is designated as a lump sum for the performance of a specific legal act, the complete resolution of a matter or a specific period
(usually 1 month).

Information for consumers

I would hereby like to inform you that the Czech Bar Association (www.cak.cz) has been charged with undertaking the out-of-court settlement of any consumer disputes between attorneys-at-law and consumers (in accordance with the sense of Consumer Protection Act no. 634/1992 Coll., as amended) arising from contracts on the provision of legal services and that it is therefore the materially appropriate entity for the out-of-court resolution of any such disputes